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The Shattered Silence:  How could an infant be struck down mute? Why would a mute begin to speak after decades of silence? Jeremy Banner spoke not even a single word until the age of thirty-two. Isolated inside a silent obsessive-compulsive reality, he is suddenly catapulted into a new life when a random event sparks an ability to speak. Yet this comes at a tremendous cost as everything must balance out in the end. This new life is far more complicated but also more rewarding as he discovers the power of relationships and the key they hold to remembering his long forgotten secrets. Listen to the sound of the shattering of Jeremy's silence.

An Open Universe:  Far more important than point A or point B is the journey in between. After graduation, Stan Hachure and his housemates head out in four different directions. Stan's journey includes a year on the family farm, a cross-country road trip, and unexpected responsibilities at a Seattle coffeehouse called Bean's. Stan learns that life rarely turns out the way we plan, not everything has to make sense, and not everyone makes it to point B.

Crossroads: Taylor Weir's life is on cruise control until a confession from his terminally ill mother calls everything he knows into question. His father hadn't died in a car accident when Taylor was two—his mother had him killed. After her funeral, Taylor embarks on a quest for answers that takes him from one corner of Washington State to the other. Little by little he puts the pieces together, but the picture they create is far different than he ever could have imagined.

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